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Some words from our clients

ITN Source News is proud to deliver content to many of the world's leading broadcasters, including CNN, NBC News, Seven Network, Network Ten Australia and TV3 New Zealand. Increasingly, we're also supplying up-to-the-minute content to new media outlets. We believe our attentive and fast service makes all the difference, because that's what our clients tell us.

  • Tony Maddox

    Executive Vice President and Managing Director
    CNN International
    ITN Source News provides an outstanding service to clients. We have run excellent reports from Afghanistan, used rushes of Prince Charles in the Amazon, broadcast preview packages on the Copenhagen summit, and have benefitted from first-rate coverage of the recent Iraq Enquiry. ITN is excellent at telling stories, developing a compelling narrative, and finding the personal angle which will bring a story to life.
  • Bob Epstein

    Executive Producer
    NBC Universal
    Bill [Neely], I just wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for tonight's story on the rescue of the woman from the rubble of Haiti. We were proud to be able to share your reporting with our audience in the United States and around the world. I don't think I could express what we were feeling any better than our friend Tom Brokaw did, 'Tonight's ITN story was television news at its best, what Reuven Frank called "the transmission of experience"...'
  • Ric Carter

    Network News Editor
    Network 7, Australia
    The quality of the coverage from ITN News is ideal – great stories, insights, scripts and shots delivered by a team who understand what we need and when.
  • Annette Dittert

    London Bureau Chief
    Getting rushes and edited packages from ITN Source News provides the building blocks of our coverage. We can incorporate and re-work edits using our own-shot material and supplementary vox-pops to their GVs and set-up shots. Our producers based in the UK can select whatever they need from ITN Source News and edit in the footage to create a unique ARD feel.
  • Susanne Gelhard

    London Bureau Chief and Correspondent
    ITN Source News gives us flexibility - taking core feeds of live-events and breaking news or edited highlight and reporter packages - either way we are able to use the footage with natural sound or mixed tracks.
  • Nancy Smith

    Operations Manager
    Without the benefit of your expertise, contacts and local knowledge, the job would have been immeasurably more difficult for us. All the planning paid off, the coverage was outstanding!
  • Stuart Wallace

    Network 7, Australia
    I'm very relieved we scored a major win over our rivals. Everyone is thrilled with the result. The reviews have been very positive about the coverage, so thank you to everyone at ITN.
  • Jana Juganovic

    Executive Director
    CTV Canada
    The ITN coverage was fabulous and the extra coverage out of Bucklebury was the perfect compliment to our special. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you again.
  • Helen Duponselle

    Royal Wedding Producer
    VTM, Belgium
    Many thanks for the standup position at Westminster Abbey. It was one of the best. It was so much an added value to our live programme.
  • Claudine de Montule

    Special Events Producer
    ProSieben, Germany
    The ITN coverage today was fantastic, the big cheeses back in Germany say it was the most fun, and the most entertaining coverage they have seen for a long time. Just peachy! Combined with your brilliant standup positions at Canada Gate it meant that everything couldn't have been more perfect unless you had personally come here and peeled me a grape!
  • Richard Vagg

    Executive Producer
    ITV Studios
    How grateful I am for all your help and advice over the past few months, and for the compelling coverage and excellent archive from ITN. Safe to say we couldn’t have produced any of our royal wedding programming without you.

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